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It's almost Christmas and the Wren Clan is going full throttle! We have been Christmas crafting, Christmas tree decorating, Christmas candy cooking, Christmas Bingo shopping, Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Little update on the BABIES!


Parker now has two full bottom teeth and Addie thinks that he might be getting a third one on the way!

Parker, at only 7 months old is going on his 12th hair cut!

Parker has been sick this past week and has come quite familiar with the thermometer in his tushy. Poor little guy. He is however starting to feel better! Thank goodness!


Krew now has two full bottom teeth and will almost always ONLY eat big people food.

Krew has learned to roll, scoot, and twirl around on the floor. You look away for two seconds and the next thing you know he is under the Christmas tree!

Krew has yet to have a hair cut but is now catching up to Parker. (Well.... kinda!)

Some pictures:

Cousin Ninja's

Bath Time

"I don't know what your doing, but I don't think I like it!"

Curtis hiding baby Jesus from Addie!!!!!

Note the "Christmas Vacation" Moose Mug and attempted eggnog mustaches!

Krew helping Mom do her hair!

The things your will do to get a baby to eat!

Grandpa John!

Baby feet.

Congrats to my Hubby who has finished his first semester back to school. His reward... Matallica tickets!

For those of you who know Ben and Diana, Christmas came a little early for them! They had their little girl Kailee on December 15, 2009 at 3:15pm! They are all healthy and VERY happy!

7lbs and 14oz

Proud new Dad and Grandma!

Hope you all enjoy the little update! XOXO Kallie Crandall

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My hunk of a husband helping his parents cut down some dead branches at their new cabin home in Garden Valley.

Parker all smiles for the camera!

Krew really wants my camera!

HoHoHo Parker!

Krew looks just like Popeye!

Loves Aunt Kallie

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A Little update on our Ronald McDonald Dinner.

Mom and Dad got there first (of course) and were on point. They had the Christmas music playing, the Santa hats set out for everyone, and all the ingredients organized and set in their designated places for assembly. Dad was busy cutting all the onions and chicken. Mom was mapping out the kitchen, pulling out pot's and utensils. Curtis and I were the next to arrive and we jumped right in. Curtis started and made all the cheese cakes while I heated the beans and started the rice. Shortly after Addie, Eli, Parker, Megan, and Krew arrived and that's when the real fun began. Krew and Parker were in their Bumbo's on the counter with their Santa hats on and they brought smiles to every single person that came into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. Addie and Eli enjoyed a special moment, slow dancing in the kitchen to the famous "True Value Christmas" tape along with cooking, cleaning, feeding the boys, and chatting with the families that walked through. Megan and Mom ran from station to station seeing what they could do to help and making sure we were not burning or forgetting ANYTHING. Both running around with rags, cleaning up after Dad, Curtis, and I's enchilada station! I'm pretty sure we got at least half the cheese, chicken, and sauce actually in the pans! :) Thanks again Mom and Megan. A VERY special thanks to Curtis who hand shredded enough cheese for 48 HUGE enchiladas as well as made an emergency run to Winco to get more cheese. Thank you husband! Once the food was ready to eat we got a chance to sit and talk to some of the families. Regardless of all that they were going though they smiled and truly enjoyed the Holiday spirit. All in all it was an INCREDIBLE night. It makes me so thankful for my family and I love you all so much. Thank you for all being so giving, kind, loving, and well just GREAT! XoXoXo Kallie and Curtis Crandall

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UPDATES! By: Kallie Crandall

While Parker cheered on the Brancos this last Saturday (who crush the Vandals) started to cut his first bottom tooth! Poor guy had every family members finger in his mouth yet he just smiled with excitement and loved all the attention! That following Tuesday Addie and Parker came to my house to wish me a Happy Birthday and there it was a second tooth! The saying usually goes "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" but we are singing "What we got for Christmas is Parker's two bottom teeth."!

The other day Megan and Krew had called me in the wee morning hours to wish me a Happy Birthday. In the middle of my Happy Birthday I hear Megan squeal "Oh my gosh.... Parker just wiggled his way out of his Bumbo!!!! Kyler, KYler, KYLer, KYLEr, KYLER!!!!!". The excitement was short lived when Megan realized what that really meant.... her little boy, that she wants to keep a baby forever is growing up.

Wren Family:
The Christmas decorating has begun. Pam couldn't be happier and I quote "We are putting up anything and everything that entertains the boys!". That means light, garlands, stockings, and they have a particular fondness for the dancing and singing poinsettias.

This next week we are going to the Ronald McDonald house to cook the families and children a home cooked meal. We did this about two years ago and had such a great time we are ALL really looking forward to it this year! We will be making Eli and John's famous enchiladas and Pam's delicious popcorn balls. Us girls will more than likely be in charge of the rice and beans (things that we can't mess up). Then after we are going to the Festival of Trees, which we haven't been to as a family in YEARS! I'm SOOOOOO excited! We have been so blessed this past year and I we are all so thankful! Hope you all enjoyed the update!

The Wren Girls

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"Where's me my fun at?"

Parker and Krew

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Parker and Krew played in the pile of leaves over at Mammy and Pappy's...until they started to eat the leaves. What fun!

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In case you are looking for a Christmas present for Addie, Megan, or Mammy Pammy.....