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It's almost Christmas and the Wren Clan is going full throttle! We have been Christmas crafting, Christmas tree decorating, Christmas candy cooking, Christmas Bingo shopping, Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Little update on the BABIES!


Parker now has two full bottom teeth and Addie thinks that he might be getting a third one on the way!

Parker, at only 7 months old is going on his 12th hair cut!

Parker has been sick this past week and has come quite familiar with the thermometer in his tushy. Poor little guy. He is however starting to feel better! Thank goodness!


Krew now has two full bottom teeth and will almost always ONLY eat big people food.

Krew has learned to roll, scoot, and twirl around on the floor. You look away for two seconds and the next thing you know he is under the Christmas tree!

Krew has yet to have a hair cut but is now catching up to Parker. (Well.... kinda!)

Some pictures:

Cousin Ninja's

Bath Time

"I don't know what your doing, but I don't think I like it!"

Curtis hiding baby Jesus from Addie!!!!!

Note the "Christmas Vacation" Moose Mug and attempted eggnog mustaches!

Krew helping Mom do her hair!

The things your will do to get a baby to eat!

Grandpa John!

Baby feet.

Congrats to my Hubby who has finished his first semester back to school. His reward... Matallica tickets!

For those of you who know Ben and Diana, Christmas came a little early for them! They had their little girl Kailee on December 15, 2009 at 3:15pm! They are all healthy and VERY happy!

7lbs and 14oz

Proud new Dad and Grandma!

Hope you all enjoy the little update! XOXO Kallie Crandall


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